Meet Marty

Results are gained from all your past actions. Some are good for you, some not so much. But keep going no matter what. Life is an adventure.

I never took the easy road or the common path. In fact, I probably did everything in reverse. Early in life at 8 years old I had a paper route and have been working ever since. I thought I would be a rock star after high school and I played a ton of gigs for years. But I hung it up for a couple of years, built a career, picked up playing again, got married in my 30s, had a kid, joined the military, got bachelors degree at nearly 40, started a business, then eventually ended back up in Corporate America. Ironically, my best music gigs have come recently. You truly are never too old to do anything. KEEP MOVING!

A Strong History

Marty Hitzeman has extensive experience as a proven entrepreneurial and corporate leader with marketing, management, and technology expertise. A solid leader who takes on the most challenging projects, builds exceptional teams, and drives significant ROI.

Additionally, Marty has been involved in music most of his life and had the opportunity to play across the states and in big an small venues. Including, opening for Chicago and 38 Special.

Lastly, he stays involved in athletics coaching multiple sports with his kids.



  • Foundational Belief: All of one’s past organizational experiences from the top, bottom and sides, allow that individual to maximize the success of any future position they may hold.

    Vision: To be a creative and inspirational leader, mentor and example throughout any organization

    Mission: To look at every challenge/assignment/project objectively to discover and execute the most creative, efficient, productive and profitable solutions

    Promise: To contribute far more in value than I gain in compensation

    Insight: Learning and then applying that knowledge by doing, whether you are successful or fail makes you even more valuable to the next endeavor you decide to take on.

    Personality: persistent, tenacious, unrattled, curious, actionable, wisdom-seeker